Getting Results…what does it take?

While I’ve been here in Ibiza baking my baby boy (just 14ish weeks to go peeps!). I’ve also been helping a number of women (28 to be precise) on their own health and fitness journeys.


With THREE 8-week Fitness Journeys complete, I can honestly say that I’m probably as proud as the women are about their transformations – and I’m so happy that they have taken the opportunity to share the same passion and training that has in the past got me in the shape of my life.


Every week they have checked in with their progress pictures and measurements, dropped me an email with a summary of their week with any problems/positives and we’ve all kept in touch via my friendly Private Facebook Support Group, which has proven to be a great motivational tool all round. I’ve also had the pleasure of choosing a winner from each program (such a hard task!!) and then flown them out to Ibiza to come and train with me. Great fun! Keep your eyes peeled this week for Lucie (Winner of my April 2017 Challenge) who will be spending a day in Ibiza with me, just before my last FitRetreat of 2017 kicks off!


Whether you’ve been following my workouts on Instagram, my past WBFF journey, my pregnancy journey or you’ve been interested in taking part in one of my FitRetreats or 8-week challenges but haven’t taken the plunge – I want you to know that I always have my arms wide open (inbox!) and I’m happy to chat about how I can help you reach your goals. It’s what I love!


My next, and last Fitness Journey of 2017 starts on October 9th and is the perfect opportunity for you to get in the best shape possible before Xmas. (Yes I know!) Spaces are NOW AVAILABLE! Sign-up to enjoy your Xmas Mince Pies, and deserve them!


Need some more inspiration? Check out some of these transformation pics, which are a true testament to the hard work all my girls put in – oh and don’t forget to read my Top Tips for Success at the bottom of this blog!


Here’s some of my #proudcoach moments….



“Pre workout selfie! Feeling really pleased with my progress, confident, lean, healthy and happy.”



“Thank you so much to my amazing coach Mirella for supporting and guiding me to become the best version of myself I can be! I can’t put into words how thankful I am for this feeling I feel today! I feel empowered and like I could explode with happiness! And it’s amazing having someone you aspire to be like right by your side every step of the way to achieve your goals!”.



“Im really happy with the results. I cracked the 60kg mark and I’m back to my pre-pregnancy size! Feeling very proud of myself I have really enjoyed the food plans and I’ve loved the workouts too! You have really helped me find my groove again”.



“Not only did I manage to step on stage and enter the Miami Pro Bikini Over 35s, but I placed 2nd and won my Pro Card. There was my dream realised, and exceeded right there!”



“I am soooo happy with my results so far, it has only been 6 months training with Mirella and I am only 1 year post partum! This was the best gift I gave myself in years. Mirella, thank you soo much for everything. Now it’s time to set a new goal for 2017 to continue my journey with Mirella!”



“My goal was not to lose weight but to gain weight and to get my health back on track after the birth of my daughter and to become stronger and fitter. My results have amazed everyone around me and I really couldn’t be happier with what I have achieved. Mirella has opened my eyes into a new world and that heavy weights doesn’t mean huge muscles. I have a much more feminine physique now and have some pretty good curves”.



“I had put weight on over the years and, at 52, I felt I had to do something about it. I had got into bad habits and was very much “stuck in a rut”. I didn’t feel good about my body and this affected my confidence. The success i’ve had is staggering and beyond anything I could ever have wished for. I still look at myself in the mirror and think ” wow, is that really me?”.



“I achieved exactly what I wanted to from this 8 week challenge. To love my body again, to have control over my eating, become happier and healthier, and give the best of me to my little boy! I feel great in my clothes again, happy & full of energy”.



“I am focused, feel good and more importantly back to feeling confident about my body. Everyone has commented on how great I look. It’s definitely for me about the inches i’ve lost and seeing my pre-pregnancy clothes fall off, especially with a realistic plan as i’m a full-time mama. I’m walking away knowing it’s a lifestyle change, not a diet”. 



My top tips for getting results…


1.It’s easy to get frustrated when reaching your goals takes longer than others. Remember that each and every one of you is different and you should never compare your results or progress with that of another person! Focus on your journey!


2. Don’t focus on the finish line! Take each day at a time, appreciate you are on a journey and the goalposts will always change. Simply focus on being a better person and developing your own self – and love yourself for who you are!


3. Look at the kind of person that you are creating – the character that you are building! Be proud of how far you have come! When you look in the mirror you should no longer see that same person that kept failing before!


4. Be confident in your abilities to get s**t done! Trust me, when you believe in your own abilities it shines for all to see!


5. Last but not least on the days you are feeling unmotivated remind yourself of the benefits to a little workout. You’re not only feel good, but you’ll also make better food choices, sleep better, lift your mood, inspire others and be a good role model to your children and others.


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