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Getting Results…what does it take?

While I’ve been here in Ibiza baking my baby boy (just 14ish weeks to go peeps!). I’ve also been helping a number of women (28 to be precise) on their own health and fitness journeys.   With THREE 8-week Fitness Journeys complete, I can honestly say that I’m probably as proud as the women are […]

Taking time out

Sometimes things can wait. They just have too! I can’t tell you how exhausted I’ve felt for the first 20 weeks of my second pregnancy – and de-motivated, which is totally unlike me! So over the last few weeks I’ve taken a few mini breaks to help re-charge and reflect, and finally I feel like […]

How to deal with those pregnancy cravings

From morning sickness, to cravings, pregnancy can throw your normal eating habits into quite the spin, and at 17 weeks pregnant, I am only too familiar with the lure of a carb cravings, sugar cravings (bread, pasta, potatoes, cheese and pickle sandwiches, carrot cake – you name it!) and being turned off my usual healthy […]

Maximise your workouts

If you’re a busy mum, running your own business and rushed off your feet pretty much everyday (sounds familiar right?!) I urge you NOT to give up on your workouts. They are the one thing that can actually make you feel sane – and like you are doing something for YOU.   That said, it’s […]

Training when pregnant (with number 2!)

Have you heard? Yes I’m pregnant! Number two is on the way and we’re all super excited – including Atari, who has started to point at mummy’s tummy whenever I ask where the baby is 🙂   Is there a baby in there?    So, I’m 13 weeks and as you will see from my […]

Nutrition made easy

There are plenty of fitness facts you can argue over, but the fact that abs are made in the kitchen is not one of them. When it comes to body fat reduction – 20 per cent of it is fitness – the other 80 per cent is diet. That’s a big proportion! But lets face […]