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My Day on A Plate

All good things must come to an end – i’ve had a fab time traveling but it’s time to knuckle down and get back on the ‘healthy eating wagon’ and do you know what? I’m actually excited about it! After all the traveling i’ve done lately, I felt quite sluggish and soft but I’ve got a […]

How to get fit without a gym

As you may know from my Instagram and Facebook page, it’s very rare that I go to a gym. As a busy working mama, most weeks it would be impossible to get there, as often I can only manage a spare hour to workout – and the return travel time to the gym would be […]

The BEST protein smoothie EVER!

If ever there was an amazing protein smoothie, well this is it! One of my personal faves 🙂 I’m very conscious of what I put into my body, even more so nowadays being a new mommy and helping to encourage my little girl to make healthy food choices. NutriStrength is my top choice when it […]

Exercising whilst Pregnant – Is it Safe?

Exercising whilst pregnant…yes it is safe, and yes it will help you on so many levels during, as well as post, pregnancy.   The reasons for doing so are not just about keeping your body “in shape”, that’s not really the focus. But of course, if you feel better about your body, it will help […]

Setting goals

  Since the last time I stepped on stage in 2014, I always knew it wouldn’t be my last time. Setting challenges and goals for myself has always been something I thrive on to keep me moving forwards.   From a young age, I always struggled with confidence and self-esteem. It’s still not something I’ve […]

Any publicity is good publicity…right?

I was really excited about this article going live in the Daily Mail Online and being able to continue my mission to help women on a road to a fitter & healthier pregnancy. Then I read the finished article, already online, and I realise that it’s not an accurate interpretation of what I said. I […]

How to manage Christmas in 14 easy steps!

Tis the season to be jolly is it not? So that means lots of social gatherings with friends & family, toasting to all things festive, possibly lounging around on the sofa nursing a hangover, eating out, eating in, eating everything…chocolate for breakfast, mince pies for lunch and turkey roast dinners for days!   The trouble […]

Finally, the start of a new FITMOMMY routine!

    You cant beat starting the day with a workout. Although as a new mommy, I have found it almost impossible to workout, unless I have someone (hubby or granny) around to help, which is sadly quite rare. Now, at 4 months post-partum, my baby girl has started to get into a routine of […]