Many women opt for hours of cardio in their fitness routines and neglect the power of weight lifting.

I was always a cardio bunny, spending hours pounding the streets around my hometown and later London. I loved it…it gave me an escape. But I never achieved the type of body I wanted.

From the age of 15, I enjoyed workouts with weights, classes at the gym, home workouts via VHS, but it wasn’t anything serious. By serious, I mean, lifting REAL weight!

Like many women, I was all about the “burn”, and that was only felt through smashing myself with lots of endurance! Hours pounding the streets or the treadmill. Doing lots of swimming. These all have their place and although I no longer run, I still like to swim, cycle and hike for cardio.

But it wasn’t until I got serious about the weights that I realised how addictive building strength could be. And how easy it could be to change my body AND maintain the results.

I was never really one to have a problem with losing weight as I’ve always been conscious of eating well. I eat to feel good. However, I did go through many years in my teens and 20s punishing my body by restricting calories, fad diets, eating disorders and doing way too much exercise.

In my late twenties I realised I was done with office jobs and wanted something that was more aligned with me. This is when I really I discovered my love for weights.

This true love, and passion, I realised after chatting to a friend one day, was fitness! Why wasn’t I doing this as a career?

So I employed a PT to learn from and signed up for a part-time course to become a Personal Trainer. That was the start of the end of my long-term punishment via cardio and food!

15 years later, here I am…