Taking time out

Sometimes things can wait. They just have too! I can’t tell you how exhausted I’ve felt for the first 20 weeks of my second pregnancy – and de-motivated, which is totally unlike me! So over the last few weeks I’ve taken a few mini breaks to help re-charge and reflect, and finally I feel like I’m getting my mojo back. It’s been quite a ride!


Through all the years I’ve been training and chasing my goals, I’ve learnt that it’s so, so important to wind down, relax, laugh and listen to your instinct. It’s far too easy to get caught up with trying to be successful and to keep powering forwards, that often we can start to neglect other important things around us such as family, friends and loved ones. I am certainly guilty of this from time to time – I love what I do, I have a real passion for my work, and before I became a Mama I could easily work 16-hour days, seven days a week! My husband is also guilty of this so we are both as bad as each other at times and need to take a step back – and book a holiday – or just hit the beach!



Since becoming a Mama, and now with another on the way, I am desperately trying to find that much needed balance between work and continuing to grow and evolve my business –  with spending quality time with my family. Building in some downtime definitely helps me to be more productive and to keep growing personally and professionally, but where does this downtime come from? It’s a hard one! There’s always something to do! My last Ibiza FitRetreat of 2017 is just 4 weeks away and after this it will be time to slow things down a little as I approach my 3rd trimester.


These days when I have too much going on I find myself feeling really overwhelmed. My days are often spent battling against the clock and I can’t work productively that way because when I have a to do list as long as my arm, it’s almost like I go into panic mode and don’t know where to start first.



Last year I took on so much when I decided to step back on stage 13 months post-partum. I was trying to be a good Mama to Atari, I was seriously busting my a$$ with training sessions that could not be missed, and I was juggling all of my online work and 121 clients. Looking back I don’t know how I did it, but I did!



So, this year is now all about finding that better balance between everything – because come January when we have another member of our family arriving, I know that I won’t be able to continue at my current pace.


Being too busy not only affects my family time but also my personal wellbeing. I’ve found it so tough to the gym lately, which really gets me down because I cannot practise what I preach. I also miss that endorphin rush that you get from a good workout. Part of what I love to do is to be a role model to my daughter and to others who I try to inspire, so again that balance is so important. Hitting the gym is my favourite type of “me time”. Plus being pregnant again, just a half hour workout can really improve my mood, my eating habits and my sleep – and I’m an all round happier person to be around!


So here’s to a conscious effort of finding that work/life balance. I have four (ish) months (and counting) to accomplish it – and you know I love a good challenge!


Want to join me? Here are my top tips for making time for yourself. Let’s do this!


1) Be strict with yourself.
Taking too much time out can have a negative impact and that can stress you out even more, but when it’s due it is due! Mark out that time in your diary and make sure you take it. Sign a commitment contract with yourself and give yourself the time you are owed! We all need it!


2) Build in times throughout the day where you need recharge.

I for one am guilty of sitting at my laptop for 10 hours straight when I get the luxury of this, but is that really good for us? Nope! Allocate 5 or 10 minutes here and there for a “tea break”. Find a good book you can get into, a podcast you can listen to, do some meditation or simply just sit and relax with a green tea in the fresh air.


3) Treat yourself

If taking a week off is impossible for you, find a day, or even half day somewhere, and go for a pamper treatment like a massage, manicure/pedicure, walk or just lay in the sun. Do something to not only relax you, but that will also revive you and make you feel good.



4) Create a bedtime routine

If you struggle to sleep with so much going on, find a before bed routine where you switch off everything an hour before bed (yes Instagram included!).

Instead, wind down with a bath, some meditation, and your gratuity journal – or just generally catch up with your partner; avoid anything that stimulates your mind so you can get to bed rested.


5) Book in a date night

A nice dinner with your partner – or with pals with no phones – or work talk allowed can work wonders! You’ll wake up remembering that each day is a new day full of adventures, enjoyment, gratitude, love and life lessons, so enjoy them.



Good Luck!