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  • Yummy Mummy Guide to Pregnancy eBook
  • 12 workout videos in the video vault
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  • Recipes for a fit & healthy pregnancy
  • Yummy Mummy Guide to Pregnancy eBook
  • Yummy Mummy Guide to Pregnancy eBook
  • 12 workout videos in the video vault

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Online Fitness Coaching

1 - 2 - 1 Personal Training

Physique Athletes & Competition Preparation

StrongbeatsSkinny bootcamps

: UK & Ibiza

Quick Fixes Don’t Work

Make long term, legitimate changes for a longer happier & healthier life.

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Online Coaching

Anyone can reach and exceed their expectations. I’ve helped clients all over the world go far beyond what they thought was possible. With the right help you can live a fitter, stronger and ultimately happier life without any unrealistic quick fix diets. Together we can make a real lasting change for a fitter, happier you.

Competition Prep

Having competed in a number of world championships myself, I’m well versed in preparing for competition and can help with any of the following:

  • Physique Athletes
  • Competitive lifting

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StrongBeatsSkinny Bootcamp

My StrongbeatsSkinny bootcamps take place all over the UK and are a great way to give your fitness regime an extra boost. Have fun, build confidence and get fit with a group of like minded, friendly individuals. At StrongbeatsSkinny you’ll learn how to make real, lasting changes for the better.

1-2-1 Personal Training

I am available to see private clients in Ibiza, at your home or in your local gym. If you’re looking for a trainer who can help you see real lifestyle changes that empower and inspire, contact me and we can discuss your needs and goals.

Bio-Signature Modulation (Body Fat measurement and analysis)

Using Bio-Signature Modulation we can measure and target where your body stores fat. Understanding your hormone profile means you can make better choices for your body type and get you faster, longer lasting results.

Recent Blog Entries

Time to say GOODBYE…

That’s me done. Okay so not forever but this is officially my last blog before I sign off and take some time out (if that is such a thing with a toddler!) before our little man arrives. I’d like to say that the last 7 to 8 months have whizzed by – and I guess […]

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