I’m halfway there…. My #fitandhealthypregnancy journey

If you haven’t already heard (where have you been?!) I’m pregnant with number two! 27 weeks now in fact, and I’ll be totally honest with you the first 21 weeks wasn’t the best – I felt awful. It’s such a bitter-sweet situation. You’re so pleased and blessed to be pregnant – but boy, you feel awful – and those days when you are up to your eyeballs in work, have a toddler to run after (literally) and feel nauseous and lethargic, well, they just drag! Thankfully I’m over the worst of it and I feel like “me” again for the first time in a while.



So now I’m over that hump lets talk about my second trimester and what I’ve been up to training and nutrition-wise!


How’s your second trimester going? How is it different to your first?

Thankfully there’s less nausea, no more cravings (I finally want to eat healthy again!), no extreme exhaustion and my blood pressure is much better. I found out that it was really low in the first trimester, which explains the sheer exhaustion!

That said, my tum is getting bigger (I feel ginormous already!), and I’m feeling more uncomfortable and like I’m really slowing down.


I love these leggings from Lilybod!


How’s your training going? What does your current schedule look like?

I’m trying to commit to TWO full body workouts per week (realistically i’m doing one!) aiming for 30 to 45 minutes max.

I’ve really dropped the intensity to at least two thirds of what I was lifting pre-pregnancy and I certainly feel like I’ve lost a lot of strength – I’m very conscious of not pushing or straining too hard.

That said, it feels really great to move my body (nausea-free) and release some endorphins!

I’m also swimming 2-3 times per week for around 20 minutes at a time and now getting into nurturing my body more. Whilst I had so much energy in my first pregnancy and could workout easily four times a week around this stage, as well as do lots of walking – this pregnancy is completely different! I feel the need for more relaxation, more nurturing, meditation and stretching – and I’m going with it and listening to my body.



What are your current training goals?

To get through this pregnancy feeling as fit and healthy as I can, whilst working on a healthy mindset and embracing all the physical changes to my body.

My training right now is solely focused on keeping niggles at bay and I’m doing this by moving my body safely and effectively. I’m also using exercise to boost my mood as and when I need to – you can’t beat a healthy dose of happy endorphins!


Do you think you are bigger this time around?

I showed a lot quicker with this pregnancy and I feel like I’m waddling already (I didn’t feel like this much at all throughout my whole first pregnancy!), but I don’t think I’m any bigger at this stage of this pregnancy than my first. Just a different shape perhaps and relaxing into the pregnancy changes more.


1st pregnancy V 2nd pregnancy at 24 weeks!


How about the dreaded cravings? Are they better now that you are in your second trimester?

Finally no more crazy cravings! Hurrah!

I want to eat vegetables, salad and lean protein. In fact I’ve gone off eating junk foods now because they leave me feel awful! I remember when I had cravings for pizza in my first pregnancy it was as if my body needed it and didn’t make me feel any worse, but now eating too much rubbish makes me feel tired, sluggish and moody!

I now feel like nourishing my body with lots of good stuff and cutting the crap out!

Don’t get me wrong, the odd piece of cheesecake sneaks in, as does chips and chocolate but this happened when I wasn’t pregnant. It’s all about the 80/20 rule and having a good balance.


Everything in moderation!


What does your food currently look like? Are you eating loads more than usual?

No, I actually feel like I’m eating a lot less! I honestly can’t eat much in one sitting as it doesn’t feel like there is much room.

It’s actually quite hard to go out for dinner at the moment because my eyes are bigger than my belly and I’m usually done after a starter!

I’m currently eating three small meals a day, plus the occasional snack when I need it.


Have you had to buy maternity clothes yet?


Luckily I’ve been getting by by wearing gym gear pretty much 90% of the time, but even these are becoming uncomfortable now… my sport bras no longer fit (well until I found Cake Maternity that is!), my leggings are too tight around my belly and my tops don’t even cover my belly button! Haha! So I’ve had to buy some bigger, stretchier things and when not in gym gear I’ve been wearing body con dresses or a loose summer dress. Thankfully the weather is still really warm in Ibiza, but I have some leggings at the ready for when the cooler air kicks in!


The most comfy & stylish maternity sports bra on the market from Cake!


Are you experiencing any new weird and wonderful pregnancy side effects?

Lots and lots of moving! This baby boy never stops…24 hours a day! Atari was very much a night-owl in my tummy, where as this one is doing squats and press-ups at every opportunity! Is it a sign of what is to come I wonder?! Eeek!


Are you already making plans for your post-baby body?

Not really, as I feel it is going to be much harder this time with a newborn and a toddler. Initially my main focus will be to heal my Diastasis Recti with rehab and exercises to strengthen my core using my Post-Pregnancy Bible (coming very soon!). I want to enjoy every second with my baby boy, as well as spend time with my little girl, so everything else will be taking a bit of a backseat for a while. I didn’t take much of a break after Atari so this time is really about family time! Once I feel up to it, and feel stronger and ready to set myself some goals, I will be setting myself a plan for getting back into a good routine like before – The start of a FitMommy Routine!.



I hope I have given you an insight into my second trimester and I’ve inspired you to keep moving and stay healthy during your pregnancy. If you have any pregnancy training or nutrition questions I will be happy to help if I can – just drop me an email anytime. Alternatively check out my Guide To Pregnancy eBook on my website – and remember to keep following my journey on Instagram. Oh, and keep an eye out for my post-baby eBook coming out soon too!