Any publicity is good publicity…right?

I was really excited about this article going live in the Daily Mail Online and being able to continue my mission to help women on a road to a fitter & healthier pregnancy. Then I read the finished article, already online, and I realise that it’s not an accurate interpretation of what I said. I have been misquoted in the headline, the angle is quite blatantly going to make women feel inadequate if they don’t workout whilst pregnant. Sadly, they have made me out to be some arrogant idiot calling pregnant women who don’t exercise lazy. Those who know me and follow me will know this is not me and certainly not words that would ever come out of my mouth!



We all know the media like to cause controversy or “shock horror”. The next two articles that follow mine talk about a man’s cold sore eating his face and that prostate cancer can be cured by taking a brisk walk!


Sadly, the headline detracts from the real message in the article and the reason why I wrote this ebook…to help and inspire women to look after themselves whilst pregnant. The journey is highly individual and I try to cater for everyone in this book, from real beginners just using bodyweight and bands to exercise, to those who are already confident lifting weights. You do not need to look or “lift like me”, as this rag has wrongly quoted me saying. But for the sake of your own health, well-being and sanity, whilst pregnant and post-baby, and for that little person you’re bringing into this world, it is important to do what you can, within your own ability, to look after yourself and your body.


I feel truly mortified. Also upset that this paper has not taken down the quotation marks as my PR Agent had asked. I guess that’s the media for you. I hope those of you that read the story, can read past the headline and between the lines.


Thanks for your support!


Mirella x