Training when pregnant (with number 2!)

Have you heard? Yes I’m pregnant! Number two is on the way and we’re all super excited – including Atari, who has started to point at mummy’s tummy whenever I ask where the baby is 🙂


Is there a baby in there? 


So, I’m 13 weeks and as you will see from my Instagram feed, I’m still training. Yes, you can still train when pregnant (ALWAYS speak with a Health Professional first), in fact exercising when expecting can have many benefits such as;

  • Helping to decrease any pain or discomfort that you may experience,
  • Helping to energise you and overcome fatigue,
  • Improving the quality of your sleep,
  • Preventing constipation (another common symptom during pregnancy),
  • Easing back, pelvic pain and any other niggles like sciatica,
  • Reducing the risk of complications during pregnancy and birth

(I found that it also really sped up my recovery after having Atari),


  • last but not least it can help to regulate and boost your mood – which is great considering my emotions are all over the place right now (sorry to my hubby Tom!).

There are so many benefits to exercising throughout your pregnancy that I hope to train all the way to the end. With Atari I trained right up until the last week, albeit modifying my workouts and slowing things down as I approached my due date. And of course I will be sharing my journey (and bump pics) along the way!

Here’s my pregnancy journey so far!


How have you felt during the first trimester of your pregnancy?

Fairly good and much better than my first pregnancy where I felt nauseous everyday from around seven to seventeen weeks.

Don’t get me wrong, this time round I’ve had an occasional bout of nausea, but it quickly subsides. My main complaint is tiredness! Some days the fatigue has actually floored me and I’ve had to nap in the day when Atari naps (if she naps!).  I’ve certainly struggled to find the energy to workout and my appetite has been very up and down.


Has it been different to your first pregnancy with Atari?

It’s completely different. This time round I have a toddler to run after, plus Tom, my husband works away a lot, so my weekends are busy keeping Atari entertained – there’s not much downtime.


How’s your training so far?

It’s up and down and some days my motivation for working out is non-existent. Luckily over the years I’ve got used to listening to my body, so I know when it’s time take it easy and just rest. My aim is to lift three times per week and swim twice a week.

Training wise I’ve had to really reduce the load I’m used to lifting and take longer rest periods, but right now my focus isn’t strength or fitness. My main focus is purely for my unborn baby and making sure he or she is developing well, whilst using exercise to boost my mood to feel good, which should then encourage me to eat healthier (more on that in a minute!).


Has your training been different to your first pregnancy?

Yes, I actually feel like I have more energy for training this time around and because I’ve been through it before I feel like I know my limits a little better – plus there’s not so much nausea to contend with!

My goal isn’t strength or to keep my body fat at a certain level – the most important thing right now is to workout for a fit and healthy pregnancy. The goal of keeping my abs for the summer has well and truly gone!


Keeping fit & active throughout pregnancy is a must for me!


Do you think you are showing quicker this time?

Most definitely earlier for the first trimester! My tummy changes in size by the day – sometimes by the hour!

In the morning I don’t look pregnant, but by the evening – wow!

I must say that it’s been very hard to hide these last weeks of my first trimester and most people who know me and have seen me have spotted it straight away! I’m so pleased that the cat is finally out of the bag it and that I don’t have to hide my little baby bump away anymore.

Comparison between my 1st pregnancy and current pregnancy at 13 weeks 🙂


How about the dreaded cravings?

Ha! They are all over the place! When I was pregnant with Atari all I wanted was potatoes! Fish & chips was also a regular occurrence and I totally went off vegetables!

This time round I want biscuits or cake (or both!). In fact all last week all I could think about was cheesecake! It got so bad so that Tom actually had to go and get me some at 8pm at night!

When I’m not obsessing over sweet things, I’ve wanted simple things like baked potatoes with cheese, cheese and pickle sandwiches, cream cheese on toast… cheese, cheese, cheese!

It’s also so hot in Ibiza that the only thing that really quenches my thirst at the moment are fizzy drinks like Fanta Lemon & Diet Coke. I’ve been trying not to drink so much of these as they’re not too good for you, and instead trying to have sparkling water with some fresh juice.


Dolce de leche cheesecake heaven (I blame the baby!)


Have you tried to resist or replace these cravings with something else?

I’m certainly trying!

Today for instance I opted for a bowl of broccoli, tuna, sweetcorn and a little mayo, instead of giving in to my craving for cheese and pickle sandwiches with salt and vinegar crisps (don’t judge me!).

It didn’t quite hit the spot and the broccoli actually made me feel sick, but I ate it!

I’ve never really had much of a battle in my life with cravings, I guess because I always enjoying eating foods that I know will make me feel good, but this is on a whole new level!


I used to love you…now you disgust me, lol!


I hope I have given you an insight into my first trimester and that some other mums-to-be can relate to this blog. If you have any pregnancy training questions I will be happy to help whenever I can. Alternatively check out my Yummy Mummy Guide To Pregnancy eBook on my website – and remember to keep following my journey on Instagram.