Setting goals

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Since the last time I stepped on stage in 2014, I always knew it wouldn’t be my last time. Setting challenges and goals for myself has always been something I thrive on to keep me moving forwards.


From a young age, I always struggled with confidence and self-esteem. It’s still not something I’ve conquered but after 35 years (almost 36!) of working on me, I’m a lot happier within myself as a person. I’m proud of my life, my achievements and what I’ve become. A lot of that hasn’t come easy and I’ve certainly had many pitfalls along the way.


Throwing myself out there and driving myself towards the things that scare me the most are what I have found the hardest but also the most rewarding. It’s normal for us as human beings to run away from what we fear isn’t it. But without those fears, would those things we want really be worth pursuing?


So with my new goal set and 6 months to prepare myself for stepping on the WBFF World stage once again, I thought it would be quite fitting to write my thoughts on setting goals.


I’ve talked about why I like to set goals for myself. But why should you? And how? Well, there are quite honesty lots of rhymes and reasons…


Motivation – having something solid and set in stone to sink your teeth into can really help drive that fire within you to succeed and keep going even when the going gets tough. Self-motivation is what will drive you there in the end.


To have something to work towards – it’s exciting! It’s like a holiday to look forward to. As I said above, something solid and set gives you a destination for your journey and you’re less likely to get lost or sidetracked along the way


Focus – to remain on that path to your destination you need to keep your focus on what you want to achieve. Just having a focus can be really motivating. Keep your eyes on the prize! And one really important thing, never compare your journey or achievements to anyone else’s.


Turn your vision into reality – it’s easy to keep dreaming about what you want out of life but harder to take the bull by the horns to take the steps needed to make it reality. Life is too short to just dream your dreams.


Where do you want to go in life – don’t brush these thoughts under the carpet. Keep your mind focused on what you want. Haven’t you ever heard of laws of attraction?


Concentrate your efforts – so many people get halfway to where they want to go and then give up because its too hard or takes longer than they hope. Keep your concentration and don’t give up. Don’t waste your efforts or waste your time. It will only become a regret.


Avoid distractions – surround yourself with those who believe in you and your journey. Anyone who doesn’t support what you’re trying to do could try to sabotage your efforts. Sadly I’ve had many clients report this to me. It takes strong will to keep on track. Try not to put yourself in situations where you are weak if you know it will cause you to fail.


Organise your time and resources – fail to prepare, prepare to fail! It’s a time-old motto but makes a lot of sense. Make sure you have food in the fridge and food prepared for those times when you know you’re going to be in a rush. Plan ahead. Don’t skip meals because this will just leave you craving all those foods that are not only tasty but not so good for you. Keep some healthy snacks such as protein powder or a healthy snack bar in your bag, just in case! Plan your workout schedule and your time accordingly. Stick to those times like you would an important work meeting.


Take pride in your achievements – enjoy your journey and recognize that you’re working towards something. Every step, no matter how big or small, is something to be proud of. Each achievement is a step closer to your bigger goals.


Boost self-confidence – achieving something you’re proud of and can look back on with pride is hugely rewarding.


Recognise your ability – believe, achieve, succeed!


Embark on a journey with a destination – there’s no point in embarking on something if you have no idea where you’re going or even if you’re going to get there. Focus on that destination and enjoy your journey.


You may have an “end goal” in mind when you look at the bigger picture. But in order to get to that end goal, you will need to take many smaller steps along the way to get there. You can at least break it down into smaller goals. Making a plan of all of these milestones, tracking your progress and keeping a note of all your achievements can be extremely encouraging, inspiring and motivating.


For me, there is always a big goal, but never an end goal. Why? Because no matter what improvements I make to my health and fitness, things change and life changes. Reviewing your progress and what comes next means these milestones are ever-evolving. Its true to say…strive for improvements, not perfection. If you can live by this motto, then your achievements in life become ever more exciting!


How do you know what goals to set yourself, or even how to get there? Well, the best thing I can advise is this…talk to people. Whatever it is you’re interested in…weight loss, muscle gain, building strength, stepping on stage in a bikini or fitness contest…go talk to people who have been there and done it. Make a ‘to do’ list. Read books. Write down the smaller goals, your milestones. Make them performance, not outcome goals. Prioritise your life and what you need to do/change. If you think tomorrow is the best time to start, why not make tomorrow today? Stay positive. Be realistic. As I said, it’s easier to put off what you fear the most. Don’t be afraid of failure, be prepared for it. Any attempt at getting what you want is never a failure and should be seen as an achievement. Quite often what you learn on the journey is more valuable then that end goal! After all, what you become in the process is usually the thing to be most proud of.


One piece of advice I continuously give my clients is not to focus on just the finish line, as this often can cause frustration. Take each day at a time, appreciate you are on a journey and the goalposts will always change. Focus on being a better person and developing your own self…love yourself for who you are and always look at the bigger picture!