I chose kitti as I had watched her prep to the WBFF stage in 2014, her diet seemed varied and her training plans clearly worked as you could see her progress. I knew she was coached by Mirella whose name I was very familiar with as she is one of my fitness idols. As soon as I met with kitti I knew I had chosen well, having been on a very restricted eating plan for 6 months she assured me things were about to change.

I started a 3 month plan to adjust my body shape, I was very pear shaped with a lot of cellulite on my thighs. Although not overweight was body was out of proportion. I was amazed at how much food I could consume and how fast my metabolism was once I started to eat in a healthy way. The training changed every 4 weeks which stopped me getting bored and kitti was just an email away if I had any questions. I checked in every two weeks which I liked as it kept me accountable and I knew I couldn’t cheat.

I then started a 3 month comp prep which I loved, the changes were amazing week by week. I enjoyed the training and eating. We managed to keep my calories fairly high all the way through as I lean out quickly. Kitti gave advice on bikini, posing, shoes, dress etc. I checked in every week and stuck to my plan religiously, I got prompt feedback and adjustments from kitti straightaway.

Training with kitti has taught me so much about food and my body. I can now look at my plate and know that I have a good balance of fat, protein and carbs without having to measure everything. I have a healthier outlook on food and am not scared to eat carbs! The best part of my new eating is the bedtime porridge (something I would never of dreamed of in the past) I have just had a two week holiday and managed to maintain my training and eating throughout. I don’t binge I just eat in moderation which kitti showed me how to do without restricting myself. She also introduced me to dark chocolate which I never liked before, I had two squares everyday in my prep ????????

I loved the entire prep experience and will compete again next year after taking time to build on my weaker areas.