I met Mirella back in 2013, and was completely inspired by her energy and enthusiasm and how she was a walking advert for woman who wanted to be healthy, fit and strong. Her methods of coaching and educating women to get the bodies they wanted without faddy, invasive techniques really appealed to me and made her my obvious choice when I needed a coach to help me prep for my first fitness model competition.

Her detailed, tailored made nutrition and training plans made my first experience of comp prep straight forward and easy to understand. We worked closely together to get my body and mind on track for show day. Mirella was nothing but supportive, motivating, and most importantly honest with me throughout my prep. It was a daunting experience and she help me learn so much about my body and what it needs to reach the goals I had set for myself. Even after my prep had finished she was still on hand to give me support to get myself back into a routine post comp.

So, when I decided to take my training and nutrition to the next level and prep for the WBFF Worlds Show, I contacted Mirella straight away. We put a plan together for me to do even before I starting working with her again 20 weeks out from show day. Having worked with Mirella previously she knew how my body reacted and what needed to be done to bring a better condition required for the Worlds Stage, and this is exactly what she did with me placing 7th and being in the best shape of my life.

Apart from being an inspirational fitness professional, knowledgeable and supportive coach, Mirella is one of the most genuine and true people I know, and I am proud to have worked with her and also call her my friend.

Thank you for everything Mirella and here’s to the next chapter of us working together!!