From 40 to 46kg in 12 weeks!

“When I contacted Mirella for help, I was lost with my health and fitness. I spent all my days doing cardio and not focusing on my nutrition and weight training. My goal was not to lose weight but to gain weight and to get my health back on track after the birth of my daughter and to become stronger and fitter for some triathlon races I had registered myself into.

Our main focus was my nutrition by making sure that I ate more than enough to keep me energized for all the trainings that I was doing. What I loved about Mirella’s style was that she was honest with me, I wasn’t eating enough, but she also didn’t push me too hard and too fast before I was ready. We started off slow and gradually increased my calories and my nutrients until I felt comfortable with what I was eating. She taught me the importance of nutrition and not to be afraid of certain foods.

The trainings were hard and whenever I had questions Mirella was always on hand to guide me. I sent over videos and Mirella replied with her expertise. When I couldn’t make it to the gym for my workouts Mirella sent over some home workouts for me to do so that I could keep my fitness level on track.

My results have amazed everyone around me and I really couldn’t be happier with what I have achieved. I am at my pre-pregnancy weight and beat a few PB’s in my 5km runnings. Mirella has opened my eyes into a new world and that heavy weights doesn’t mean huge muscles. I have a much more feminine physique now and have some pretty good curves, which I fully intend on keeping and continue to grow. Strong really does beat skinny!

Thanks Mirella!”