“After a year of dealing with a lower back injury and being the heaviest I ever been (apart from during pregnancies), I decided I wanted to change my lifestyle.

Through some people I know I came across Mirella and seeing what she has achieved (2nd in WBFF this year) and her whole work ethic I signed up for the 3 month online coaching programme.

It was the best decision of my life! After receiving my personal eating guide lines and training schedule I started going to the gym 6 times a week and eating balanced meals.

Every month I got a new training schedule and up till now I love the fact I have a structure to follow. The guidelines in what, how much and at what times to eat are easy to follow and there is not a moment when I felt hungry.

The online coaching works for me as I can decide when the best time is for me to hit the gym, especially with 3 kids. Mirella is always there if I had any questions or needed advice!

I lost 5 kg and gained some muscle. I fit back into most clothes and just signed up for another three months as my goal is to be the healthiest and fittest I’ve ever been before I turn 40 next year!

Its a life style changer and I would recommend Mirella to anyone who’s ready for a challenge and some good, hard and structured work. Although I’m just at the beginning of my journey the results are coming through!”