“I have been training with Mirella since May 2011.  Initially we trained in the usual way in a gym in London.  However, when I moved overseas in early 2012 to start a new job I asked Mirella if she would continue to train me “online”.  She agreed and we have been training remotely since then.  Mirella develops programmes for me that I can do on my own in my gym and we have a structured system for feedback so that she is able to track and assess my progress.

The results that Mirella has helped me to achieve are startling, both in terms of my physique and my approach to fitness and my health and my views on body image and what I consider “beautiful”.  I am tall, broad and build muscle easily but spent many years dieting to try and look like a fashion model, to the detriment of my health and my happiness.  The most fantastic thing about working with Mirella is that she has completely changed my view on what I want to achieve.  My goal has shifted from wanting to look like a waif like to wanting to be strong, athletic and healthy.  With a new objective and enthusiasm I have gone on to achieve drastic physical results – I have dropped substantial amounts of body fat and replaced it with lean muscle and now feel strong, happy and sexy. My new physique, while still very much a work in progress, now attracts regular compliments and I often get asked what kind of training I have used to achieve it.

Mirella takes a truly holistic approach to fitness and has taught me the importance of proper diet and nutrition, rest and relaxation in achieving my goals.  She provides invaluable guidance and advice in this respect whilst at all times bearing in mind my lifestyle and the other constraints on my time (I am a lawyer working very long hours and often having to travel for work).  The result is a perfectly tailored programme to help me achieve remarkable results in a realistic way.

Finally, I cannot emphasise enough what a joy Mirella is to work with.  Her energy and enthusiasm for what she does is infectious and totally inspirational, as is what she has achieved for herself.  The work we do is extremely challenging, yet I have had so much fun along the way.  This really does make all the difference.

I really can’t recommend Mirella highly enough – she has changed my life!