It was the second time I worked with Mirella as she prepped me for my first competition as well, which I won and got my pro status, so it was no question that I would ask her again to be my coach.

The training was challenging and varied. The workouts were tailored to work on the areas I needed to focus and improve on for the bikini category. I didn’t have to do much cardio apart from a couple of short HIIT sessions and low intensity walks.

The diet was not too restrictive (apart from the necessary caloire deficit for fat loss). Mirella had always encouraged me to eat a wide range of whole foods and never eat the same for more than 2-3 days. It’s not a chicken and broccoli 6x a day diet. Mirella gives macros and I can plan my meals and eat the foods that I like as long as I choose from whole food sources. I also had a couple of cheat meals during the 12 weeks.

Mirella had been very supportive and motivating the whole time and always gave her honest opinion about my progress.
The thing I like most about her is that she always prioritises health first and this mindset helps to ease back into “normal” life post-comp and to accept my “off-season” body.

I would highly recommend Mirella to anyone looking to compete or just take their fitness to the next level.