“I’ve been following Mirella for some time now and she’s been a huge inspiration to me in terms of my ideal body type – fit, strong, healthy and yet still totally feminine.  Before signing up for a 3 month training and nutrition program with Mirella, I was stuck in a rut.  I would eat the exact same meals day in and day out.  Although I was putting in the work at the gym, I wasn’t seeing any changes or results. I don’t think I was consuming enough calories to support the weight training I was doing.  I was eating limited carbs and doing plenty of cardio too.  I wasn’t overweight, but my body hung onto fat pockets in certain areas and I was really struggling to build muscle and have the definition I desperately wanted (abs!!).

I couldn’t believe my eyes when my training and nutrition program came through for the first time – limited cardio and so many carbs.  I was sure I was going to put on so much body fat!  But I trusted my coach and within six weeks I had dropped body fat, gained muscle and had ab definition.  Not only was I seeing changes in my physique, but I was sleeping better and had so much more energy through the day.  Mirella was spot on with her assessments and she was so supportive throughout the 12 weeks.  I was in South Africa on holiday for the last 3 weeks of my program and Mirella put a home training program together using the equipment I had available – I was so grateful.

Signing up with Mirella has been so beneficial to me and I cant thank her enough.  I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been, the strongest I’ve ever been and the happiest I’ve ever been in my own skin.  And with Mirella’s program as a guide, I know that I’m now heading in the right direction to continue to reach my goals”.

Kerry, Dubai