Finally, the start of a new FITMOMMY routine!



You cant beat starting the day with a workout. Although as a new mommy, I have found it almost impossible to workout, unless I have someone (hubby or granny) around to help, which is sadly quite rare. Now, at 4 months post-partum, my baby girl has started to get into a routine of waking up around 7.30/8am. So this gives me a good hour in the mornings if I get up at 6/6.30am to get up out of bed, grab a coffee and my NutriStrength pre-workout, and to seize the day! Okay so I may not have had a full night’s sleep (Atari woke me up at 12.30am chatting to the fairies and didn’t really settle again until gone 3am). It’s pretty dark outside at 6am, which doesn’t really entice me out of bed, but as the sun comes up and our little island of Ibiza turns from night to day, I am thankful I have not succumbed to the cosiness of my bed, and instead gone with that feeling I know I will have once I’ve finished my workout…that “supermom” feeling. This “afterglow” is a huge motivator I use to workout (but I’ll save this for another blog!)


It has really helped that I have gradually built up a nice little selection of gym equipment to create my own mini-gym at home. If I had to go out of the door to the gym, I wouldn’t hold much hope of ever getting there more than say once a week, if that! Last week I worked out every day, and one day went for a swim as daddy looked after baby, so I am feeling like “supermom” this weekend! I have a selection of resistance bands, dumbbells & kettlebells. A mat, swissball and bench. I also have a squat rack and cable resistance machine, although I have to admit that these are still in boxes in the spare room waiting to be unpacked since I was 8 months pregnant! Haha! That’s how little time I have had since my baby arrived! But hey, I’m slowly but surely getting to grips with this mummy-business and building my life around my baby girl.


You can easily build a gym at home with the following equipment:

  • Dumbbells – ideally 1-10kg
  • Swissball
  • Kettlebells – ideally a set of 8kg and set of 12kg. If you can afford it, a 16kg and a 20kg!
  • Mat
  • Bench
  • Resistance bands


I didn’t get time to finish my workout yesterday morning since Atari woke up a little earlier, so she helped me finish off by providing some entertainment and smiles to those dreaded burpees. Below is what I managed to get done before she woke up. Why not give it a go when you next hit the gym, or find some time in your day today if you have a gym at home. Enjoy!


A1 Dumbbell backwards lunges, 12 reps e/leg

A2 Kneeling resistance band single arm chest press, 12 reps e/arm

A3 Shoulders-evelated single leg glute bridge, 15 reps e/leg

A4 Kneeling resistance band single arm row, 12 reps e/arm

A5 BW walking lunges, 30 reps alternate legs

Complete 5 rounds with 30-60 seconds rest in between

Finisher: Burpees (with baby) 10 rounds of 10 reps, with mimimal rest in between rounds