Diary of a FitMommy

You don’t have to be Superwoman to be a FitMommy but here are some tips that may help you to live a fitter, healthier & happier lifestyle at such a rewarding but overwhelming time…

1. Create short-term goals to keep you motivated. Don’t focus on getting your pre-pregnancy body back right away. Focus more on little steps you can take to get there and don’t beat yourself if you don’t manage a workout one day. There is always tomorrow.

2. Measure your progress in strength, fitness and how you feel in your clothes, rather than a number on the scales. Looking at your progress on a weekly basis rather than each day is going to be less stressful.

3. Fill your kitchen with only healthy foods.Throw out those biscuits and little temptations if you can’t trust yourself to enjoy them just now and again! Invest in good quality protein powder for when you don’t have much time (NutriStrength does great quality protein, free from any nasties!).

4. Invest in some fitness equipment at home and create a little “mini-gym”. Kettlebells, resistance bands and a Swiss ball are all great pieces of kit for you to put together a great workout. Workout when you can (even 20 minutes can boost endorphins and make you feel better) and don’t put pressure on yourself if you can’t.

5. Breastfeed (if you can) as it helps to burn calories and contracts your uterus to return back to pre-pregnancy size. There is no pressure if you can’t, although frustrating, you are doing the best job YOU can as a mummy so always remember that!

6. Get together with friends or join a mommy fitness group. Your more likely to be motivated to workout this way. Or invest in online coaching or a fitness DVD if you struggle to get out of the house.

7. Involve your baby in your workouts. If you have a newborn, keeping them close to you can help you feel less guilty (yes I think we all do, as new mums, feel guilty for taking time for ourselves!). If you have older babies/children, involve them with resistance bands and a bosu ball so you can have fun together.

8. Enjoy active recreational activities with your baby and friends. Go for long walks. You can even make a children’s play park your gym i.e triceps dips and step-ups using a bench.

9. Keep a food diary to keep yourself accountable and on track. It can be easy to “forget” that large bar of chocolate you just ate!

10. Eat how you would want your child to eat when he/she grows up…be a positive role model.

11. Try to workout first thing in the morning before you fill your day with other things. Yes there will always be things to do as a new mommy but one of those things should be to make time for yourself. Block out the time in your diary…make it happen!

12. Make a fitness plan…use number 6 to make your plan for working out. Have your workouts planned or invest in help to have a schedule for yourself. It doesn’t have to be set days. It could be 3 workouts/activities you try to accomplish each week.

13. Invest in some new fitness clothes. If you feel good in your clothing, you’re more likely to workout. Treat yourself and focus on feeling good before you break into a sweat. You’ll feel even better afterwards!

14. Make your well-being a priority. Your health, fitness and happiness is just as important as everyone else’s.

15. And finally…never compare your journey to anyone else’s before comparison is the thief of our own happiness. Nobody in the world can do a better job of being you than YOU! Building self-esteem within our children begins with ourselves. So learn to love and look after yourself as much as you want to love and nurture your little one(s).

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