Emily Long

I have been a client of Mirella’s for 6 months now and during that time she has helped me transform both my body and my mindset in a healthy, positive way.

I dream of competing one day in the bikini division and originally approached Mirella, requesting coaching for a competition, however, using the responses I gave to her detailed health questionnaire and an extensive online consultation it became apparent that my body was not ready to go under comp prep at that time. So Mirella advised me that although she would be happy to have me as an online client and work with me to get my body into a healthier place she would not be happy to put me through comp prep at that time.

At first I was deeply disappointed with this decision, as I was so eager to compete, I am someone who has had an unhealthy relationship with food over previous years and find it hard to deal with stress, BUT Mirella made me understand that my health is more important than anything and that competing is something we could work together towards in the future.

6 months on and I am in the best shape of my life, with a much more positive attitude. Simple things like working out my macros and measuring out every single gram of my food stresses me out. Mirella made this easy for me to do, so much so that I now enjoy putting my meals together, trying out new things. She also carefully designed my programme so that it is effective and easy to follow.

I am now aiming to do a photo-shoot in the near future to illustrate the progress I have made and to also prepare for a competition. For me this is HUGE, only 6 months ago I wouldn’t have been able to leave the house let alone stand and pose in front of a camera!

Mirella doesn’t just give you an exercise plan and a nutrition programme to follow, she coaches and supports you all the way. I email Mirella on a regular basis asking questions, updating her on my progress and for a general check in. Mirella has always been kind, supportive and very professional. In the past I struggled to find a coach that really understood me and my goals and put my health first. Mirella ticked all of these boxes.

Mirella is a huge inspiration to me and I can’t thank her enough – I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their all over fitness and to enter the competitive world.

Emily Long
Fatima Kazi

I have tried so many times to try and lose weight since having 3 children, but nothing worked. The pregnancy with my twins had stretched my stomach so much and I felt there was no way of getting my muscles working again and seeing a toned torso.
Mirella helped me realize that her fitness program could help me achieve this and it also is about a lifestyle change, not about just being on a diet. I took that lesson to heart, and  strived not only to lose weight, but to change the way I look at my eating habits and my fitness. Mirella encouraged and supported me throughout the whole process. I could tell she truly cared about my desire to change my body. As the months continued I enjoyed noticing the little things that came with the change in my body and my fitness increased to such a level that friends were commenting on how strong I have become . After only two months I noticed my torso becoming smaller and more toned, as well as the rest of my body.
Because I saw Mirella every single week I was motivated  to keep going, she taught me healthy eating habits, the value of exercise and different techniques and the importance of keeping focused on my goal.  I am happier, more confident in myself and I have since recommended many of my friends to have this opportunity to change their lives.
There is no gimmick to this, no fad products involved…it is simply that Mirella understands how the body works and can specifically look into what your particular type of body requires in order to change.
She has made me believe that you can take control of your own body and see changes within 2 weeks of starting.

Fatima Kazi Abu Dhabi
Michael Schienke

Mirella was my wife’s and then my personal trainer, nutritionist expert and a constant voice in the background repeating to not give up. It is very hard to briefly sum up all the positive changes we achieved with her support and advice.
It was hard work, but I am wholeheartedly recommending Mirella to everyone who wants to shape up and get her or his energy levels up!

Michael Schienke London, UK
Dr Katie Russell

Put most simply, Mirella is awesome! Not only is she clearly knowledgeable about eating for optimal health and fitness she has the rare ability to balance pushing me to my limits (and beyond) whilst being caring with it. Knowledge can be found in many personal trainers but it is hard to find someone who is not prescriptive – Mirella does not have a ‘1 size fits all approach,’ instead adapting her extensive knowledge and training to fit each client in a focused and motivating way. I am loving working with her and feel I have discovered a balance between food and fitness I can use as a way of living permanently. Faddy diets are a thing of the past! My body and I thank you.

Dr Katie Russell Abu Dhabi, UAE
Christy Calbos

When I first got in contact with you, I was so confused and distressed about my nutrition and exercise programme. My first weight gain occurred at 19, and by the age of 43, I had yo-yo’d up and down the scale. I had tried every diet under the sun. I had used fat burners, diet pills, fad diets, juicing, carb restriction, extreme exercise, and countless other unhealthy approaches for the past 25 years. I began to despair. But the nutrition and training programme that #FitChicksLift offered me was such a departure from insanity. I was able to eat real food, real portions, real fats and do fast, intense exercise that left me feeling energized and strong. For me, this approach is the only thing that cuts hunger, cuts cravings, and keeps me energetic. I am feeling better than I have in a long time. Something about the protein, fat, greens and fast, intense training just resonates with my system. I love it. And actually that’s an understatement ~ more accurately, I ADORE it. Thank you.

Christy CalbosAtlanta, Georgia
Amy Brownridge

The past 12 weeks have passed by so quickly! It has been such a pleasure to carry out all training and nutrition set by Mirella. From the start I had complete faith in her knowledge and ability and therefore put everything I could into all instructions set by her.

Over the 12 week period, I was looking to carefully increase my calorie intake and the variety of the foods I was choosing, that would help me in the long-term to build muscle a lot more effectively whilst also having normality in my food routine.

Having been set quite challenging routines, it was a great test of strength and willpower, which can only be a positive.

Firstly, I can’t believe it’s all over! It’s been an absolutely pleasure following Mirella’s plans. I’ve been so dedicated and on form with everything for the past 12 weeks – its been beautiful. I can see in today’s photos how happy I look and how far I’ve come.

I have to say a really big thanks to Mirella, after 12 weeks of consistent effort, I feel absolutely great and will continue to plan and work towards improving.

Amy BrownridgeLondon, UK
Stacey Buccellato

After too many years of unhealthy eating and sporadic exercise, I felt I needed someone to lead me, advise me and also to hold me accountable! I had been following Mirella for a while and her Strong beats Skinny programme was recommended by a close friend.

I completed two 3 month programmes with Mirella Fitness. The first I was coached by Mirella and the second by Kitti. I have thoroughly enjoyed both my Strong beats Skinny programmes from Mirella and Kitti. Each new phase was met with excitement and the workout routines never failed to please nor challenge!

The Strong beats Skinny team were able to tailor my workouts so that I could do some days at home and some at the gym. It was a great relief that the programme could provide the flexibility I needed.

Both Mirella and Kitti have been very supportive and helpful; offering extra advice and information when needed, changing exercises if necessary and answering my sometimes endless questions.

While my weight loss was almost non existent, my cm loss was huge!  Each check in brought smaller measurements, which was so motivating and of course completely awesome!

I still have a long way to go, but I now have the knowledge and tools to help me along the way. And also the reassurance that not every day will be perfect but as long as I keep my ‘eye on the prize’ I will get there!  I’m quite sure I will be a repeat client.

Stacey Buccellato
Rosa Osman

Working with Kitti and Mirella has been brilliant. I contacted Mirella as I was feeling lost in my training and eating, and found myself having little motivation to hit the gym. I felt I was going to the gym with no goal and my eating, at the time I thought it was ok and now I would say differently!!

From day one, Kitti and Mirella were supportive and encouraging and I LOVED my training programmes. Kitti created a programme that was manageable and fitted in with my netball commitments. Over the weeks I felt stronger and with every workout, it made me motivated to push myself more as I could start to see the results. My food programmes really educated me and I’m now mindful of what I feed my body. It has also taught me about portion control and the nutritional value of foods.

A big thanks to Kitti and Mirella; I feel the best I’ve ever felt and I’ve absolutely loved the 12 weeks. I will definitely continue the Strong Beats Skinny way of life!!

Rosa Osman