Lost 10kg, as well as 10cm from hips, 8cm waist and 7cm thighs.

“I had put weight on over the years and, at 52, I felt I had to do something about it. I had got into bad habits and was very much “stuck in a rut”. I didn’t feel good about my body and this affected my confidence. The success i’ve had is staggering and beyond anything I could ever have wished for. I still look at myself in the mirror and think ” wow, is that really me?”. It was hard work but with Mirella’s help & guidance I got through it! The nutrition side was very easy to follow. The meals were quick & easy to make. I am still surprised at the quantity of food I was allowed to consume. I would definitely recommend this method of coaching. You have workout videos and written descriptions, and if I was uncertain of anything, Mirella was on hand to give further guidance including her own ” how to” videos. Our private Facebook group  was a huge support providing encouragement, tips where needed and sharing in each other’s triumphs. I never felt that I was alone on this journey and I think that was very important. They were a great bunch of ladies and truly inspirational. Mirella’s wealth of knowledge is evident and I have learnt so much about nutrition, macro balancing, and training, to help me continue in my Journey”.