Why I lift weights – and why you should too! Part 2

Last week we talked about the benefits of strength training (read Part 1 here) but I wanted to finish it off with a part 2 and some other reasons why I love training with weights – there’s so much to say!

When I first picked up a (heavy -ish) barbell ten years ago I didn’t realise its diversity. I’ve used strength training to help me win the 2013 World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Inc (WBFF) championship, to help me lose fat, to help me sculpt curves, to help me through my pregnancy – and to help me bounce back again! You name it – weights have helped me in every way – and I love the fact that I’ve been able to mould my body to exactly the way I want it to look through training.


10 years later, 10kg heavier & x10 happier!


So how do I maintain a womanly shape when lifting? This is a question I get asked A LOT!

I personally don’t train my upper body much other than adding on a few shoulder & back exercises onto one of my lower body workouts each week – after years of competing, I find that my upper body responds so much faster to training than my lower body and as I have an athletic shape, rather than hour-glass curves (we can’t have everything right!) my priority is to build my legs and glutes to give me the proportions I prefer. I’m definitely a smaller top half and a bigger booty type of gal!


Thanks to Kisaiya for the beautiful outfit for hosting my Ibiza FitRetreat


I basically use weights to bring out the shape I desire by focusing mainly on an area I want to improve. For example I tend to lift with a range of high rep and lighter weights when I’m trying to “tone”, and then a low rep range and heavier weights when I’m trying to “build”. It all depends on what body goals I am looking to accomplish at that time.

Why not give one of my WORKOUTS a try!

There is so much more than body composition when it comes to strength training too…

  • The post-workout buzz is so much more fun, motivating, inspiring and empowering.
  • Your metabolic rate will stay heightened for 48-hours as opposed to just a few after cardio, which means you burn more fat even at rest!
  • I can get a really good workout in in just 45 minutes – but feel the buzz for hours after!
  • It can help with stress. Just throwing some weights around and lifting some heavy $hit can be a real mood lifter!
  • It makes me feel strong and empowered.
  • It helps clears my mind – a bit of ME time!
  • It’s made me love my body!
  • It’s helped me meet some of my best most genuine friends – especially when I was training for my first WBFF competition.
  • It keeps me focused and disciplined.
  • It helps me set new goals – and inspires me to improve and challenge myself.
  • It keeps me strong – a must when you’re a busy mama!


With my Diva Sisters and friends for life!


Have I inspired you yet? If so, here are some of my top tips for cracking the weights section of the gym. Good luck – and enjoy the burn!

1. Get your form and technique right

If you aren’t confident in what you are doing then you should seriously look at hiring a good PT. They will be able to teach you the basic principles of lifting, whilst helping you to determine what your limits are and actually make sure that you are lifting heavy enough whilst keeping good form. If you feel that you aren’t lifting enough – then chances are you aren’t! There’s nothing more satisfying than pushing past your comfort zone!

2. Mind to muscle connection

Every time you lift you need to make sure that you are really connecting with the muscle you want to be working. It’s all too easy to lose focus when chatting with your workout buddy, or not thinking about what you’re doing and just going through the motions. Engaging and contracting the muscle as you work will bring about the results you are after, and more quickly!

3. Focus on the tempo of the exercise

Slowing down the speed of an exercise will not only recruit more muscle fibres (which ultimately burns more calories) but it will also give you the opportunity to find any flaws or weaknesses in a movement and really focus on the task at hand.

4. Focus on big compound exercises to help build your strength, plus accessory work to shape your body.

Big moves like Squats and Deadlifts are essential exercises and each workout should ideally start with a “big” effective exercise like this; combinations such as Squats to Press or a Lunge with a Twist will not only work your glutes, legs, arms and shoulders but also recruit your core, whist getting your heart rate up – giving you more bang for your buck! Most of my workouts are based around big moves like this – with extras like glute kick-backs or single leg hip thrusters to help lift and sculpt my booty…

…such as THIS!

5. Have a plan and keep a record of the weights you lift so you can keep track of your progress.

Walking into a gym without a plan of action is like walking into a supermarket without a shopping list! Buy yourself a pretty journal or scrapbook and jot down everything you do in the gym – there is nothing more motivating that seeing your progress in black and white!


So there we have it – the beauty of strength training and why I totally LOVE IT!

If you need any more advice on the subject please contact me and I will try my best to reply to you or cover your question in a new blog post or on my Instagram stories.

Or why not join me on my next 8-week Fitness Journey – or my next Ibiza FitRetreat in September, where I will guide you through fun workouts using – wait for it – weights in beautiful Ibiza surroundings. It’s a full on but fun and life-changing week! I hope to see you soon!


My awesome Ibiza FitRetreat Crew of Strong Women! (May 2017)