Competition Placings

WBFF London November 2013

Malin Terese – 5th place Diva Fitness short

Shirley Roden – 10th place Diva Fitness tall

UKBFF MuscleTalk Championships June 2014

Lauren Hayes – 3rd place Bikini + invite to the British Finals

WBFF London June 2014

Eleanor Barlow – 2nd place Diva bikini 35+

WBFF London November 2014

Kitti Savai-Kallai – 1st place & Pro card Diva Bikini tall & 6th place Diva Fitness tall

Liliana Fernandes – 6th place Diva Bikini 35+

Claire King – 10th place Diva Bikini tall

Anke Visagie – 10th place Diva Fitness short

WBFF Denmark May 2015

Vania Bradway – 5th place Diva Bikini tall

WBFF London May 2015

Dalia Kodi – 4th place Diva Bikini short

Charity Richins – 3rd place Diva Bikini 35+

WBFF New York City July 2015

Vania Bradway – 3rd place Diva Bikini tall

WBFF Las Vegas August 2015

Hannah Davies – 7th place Diva Fitness short