Kitti Savai-Kallai

StrongbeatsSkinny Coach

Kitti is a qualified physique and lifestyle coach, professional athlete and fitness model. She specialises in female strength training, fat loss and body composition.

She has got years of experience training a wide range of clientèle in some of the UK’s best health clubs and private studios. She believes that knowledge is power and has invested many years into her own education and personal growth and continues to do so along the way. Her aim is to pass this knowledge onto her clients so that they are confident to go forward with their own health and fitness journey.

Health and fitness has been a passion of hers for a number of years. Having been involved in many sports growing up, Kitti always dreamt of pursuing a career in the industry. In 2014 she competed in her first fitness competition with the WBFF federation in London. She won her category and was awarded her WBFF pro status. After a year focusing on her off-season goals, she went on to win the UK Pro Show in London in November 2015. The next step is the WBFF World stage!